Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have an overall better quality of life since starting chiropractic care."

- Misty F.

"I am very grateful that I found Dr. Lana Hopson and made an appointment."

- Amanda S.

"I am so thankful that I saw the Facebook ad when I did! I am no longer having issues and hate if I have to miss!"

- Staci C.

"I highly recommend Dr. Lana Hopson for your chiropractic needs. Thank you, Dr. Lana and your friendly staff for the care you have provided me."

- Stephen M.

"Chiropractic care gave me my life back! I encourage everyone to give it a chance to extend and improve their life as I have."

- Rhonda H.

"When I came into the Hopson Chiropractic, I was so impressed by the care shown by all of the staff and the Doctors."

- Laura M.

"Since starting care at Hopson Chiropractic, I am sleeping better and my back pain is much more manageable."

- Eliza E.

"Since starting chiropractic care, I am back to my happy self, and I am more active in my hobbies and exercise. They always greet me with a smile which lifts my spirits no matter how I am feeling."

- Lloyd J.

"I had back pain, and back spasms so bad, I couldn’t get out of bed on my own because of being dropped in a cheer stunt twice. Now my pain is gone! Hopson Chiropractic genuinely cares about your well-being!"

- Jenny B.

"I was in a MVA out of state and didn’t go to Hopson Chiropractic until I could not use my right arm and had already tried pills, rubs etc., and NOTHING helped. I was PAIN FREE all day for the first time in months after starting chiropractic care! I would recommend them to ANYONE!"

- Ronda M.

"For the last 15 years I have been in pain and used over the counter and anti-inflammatory medications and would wake up hurting every 2-3 hours. I heard about Hopson Chiropractic from Facebook. I can now sleep better at night, they are so nice and helpful."

- Connie P.

"I was referred by my medical doctor because I was having neck and shoulder pain plus headaches and sinus infections. Chiropractic improved my life because my neck and shoulder pain are GONE, and I have not had a headache or sinus infection in over a year. Now my husband and 2 kids are also getting chiropractic care."

- Ana H.

"I have had allergies and asthma since I was 18 months old and it was horrible! I took 5 different medications and had shortness of breath that made it hard to run and exercise. Since starting Chiropractic care I don’t need the medications, and even my insurance company noticed I wasn’t filling my prescriptions, and my asthma has been cleared!"

- Jesse H.

"With Chiropractic care my pain has diminished from a level 10 to a level 2, and I have noticed an improvement in my mood, my posture, my digestive system and my sinuses! I am very impressed with both the offices of Dr. Lana and Dr. Will and their staff!"

- Carole D.

"Before I started seeing Dr. Will, I was overweight with joint pain in my neck, shoulders and knees. Also, my blood pressure was elevated, and I had headaches. All my problems improved when my spine was back in proper alignment. I now have an overall feeling of well-being, improved flexibility and strength, and I have lost 35lbs!"

- Bart Y.

"Chiropractic changed my life! I was put-on mood-altering drugs at 6 years old. As a kindergartener I was taking drugs for depression and ADD. After 2 years, Ritalin stopped working so I was put on more medications and was diagnosed with ADHD. By the time I was in middle school I was so depressed, and I was taking so many drugs that I wanted to give up, because I was told I wouldn’t make it to high school or graduate. Since starting Chiropractic care, I am off all my medications and graduated high school with honors!"

- Sarah H.